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ImTranslator v. 2.1.7 Extension for Chrome

ImTranslator v. 2.1.7 Extension for Chrome has been released! What’s in this version: Added the option to enable/disable ImTranslator Bubble If you don’t...

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ImTranslator v. 2.1.6 Extension for Chrome

ImTranslator Extension for Google Chrome version 2.1.6 is released. Now the translation request can be up to 8 thousand...

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ImTranslator v. 2.1.0 Extention for Chrome

ImTranslator for Chrome new version 2.1.0 has been released! ImTranslator: Google Translate perform instant translation of words, phrases, texts and web pages...

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Presentation: ImTranslator for Chrome

This  slide show presentation provides detailed instructions on how to use this helpful translation tool and how to customize its...

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ImTranslator 7.1 add-on for Firefox

ImTranslator version 7.1 includes the new translation module, ImTranslator Web Page Translation. The Web Page Translation module translates an entire web page...

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Presentation: Web Page Translation

Web Page Translation is the new module added to ImTranslator add-on for Firefox version 7.1, which  translates an entire web page between...

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ImTranslator Bubble

ImTranslator Bubble instantly translates texts on any website and displays the translation in a pop-up bubble without leaving the page. The pop-up...

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Presentation: ImTranslator Bubble

The ImTranslator Bubble  slideshow presentation gives detailed information on new features and functionalities, instruction on...

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