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ImTranslator 7.1 add-on for Firefox

The new update for ImTranslator add-on 7.1 for Firefox has been released


What's new in this version:

  • Added ImTranslator Web Page Translation module.
  • Added ImTranslator Web Page Mouseover Translation module.
  • Increased the text translation limit to 1000 characters in ImTranslator Bubble module.
  • Added the auto switch to Google Translate module when exceeding the characters limit in ImTranslator Pop-up Bubble.
  • Updated the add-on's compatibility to work with Firefox version 17 up to 25.*
  •  Fixed the auto detect functionality in the Google Translate module.


ImTranslator version 7.1 includes the new translation module, ImTranslator Web Page Translation.

The Web Page Translation module translates an entire web page between 66 languages using Google Translate service. The right-click context menu provides the choice: web page translation mode: translate the entire web page, and mouse over translation.

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