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Multilingual Dictionary

ImTranslator Dictionary provides all kinds of language services from Dictionary and Phrasebook to Translator and language learning tool. The Dictionary offers millions of professional translations of words, phrases, idioms, expressions and sentences ranging from colloquial and informal to technical and subject-oriented terminology.

ImTranslator Dictionary is enhanced with voice capability, machine translation, advanced all-dictionaries search and much more.

ImTranslator Dictionary offers translation of words, common phrases, idiomatic expressions and sentences by running a high-speed search using a search engine that is based on several state-of-the art algorithms including morphology logic. These algorithms allow the search engine to recognize different grammatical and orthographic word forms before the search is done. This is how the accuracy of translation is ensured.

ImTranslator Dictionary is a must when you need to translate phrases. The dictionary will always try to show the word's function in context. You can use it for your personal/business translation or for language learning. To be successful in language learning, all words should be learned and used in phrases to correctly remember their meanings and usage. This is why ImTranslator Dictionary always offers phrases along with words translations.

ImTranslator Dictionary is an ongoing project. We continue expanding and enriching ImTranslator phrases database for all available languages.


      • search of words in all their forms
      • search of common phrases, idiomatic expressions and sentences
      • spelling suggestions for all words
      • list words with slightly different spelling while you are still typing
      • all-dictionaries words search
      • translation of words with synonyms
      • translations of phrases in all dictionaries of a selected language pair
      • translations of exact phrases and similar phrases in fuzzy match
      • examples of word and phrase usage
      • word-by-word translation of phrases
      • alphabetical list of words available in a dictionary
      • transcription for English words
      • machine translation to translate words and phrases
      • pronunciation of words and phrases
      • virtual keyboard for supported languages
      • search history



English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish




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ImTranslator Dictionary Slide Show Presentation

ImTranslator Dictionary provides translation of words, common phrases, idiomatic expressions and sentences, and performs a quick search using a sophisticated morphological algorithm.

ImTranslator Dictionary offers online multilingual resources for major European languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The Dictionary displays translations not only of a searched form of a word, but also the translation of its base form as well.

This unique feature allows the dictionary to recognize and translate words and phrases in any grammatical form. ImTranslator Dictionary always offers suggestions whether the word is found or not.

The translation of words and phrases displays comments (in brackets) for a translation variation and even examples of usage of a searched word or a phrase.

The Dictionary runs a search for a phrase and displays not only the translation of the phrase that has been entered, but also translation of all words included in the phrase, and also phrases that include the first word in the source phrase.


If the exact phrase is not found in this dictionary, ImTranslator offers you the machine translation by different providers using the option "more translations".

More Translation section displays translation by various machine translation providers: Microsoft Translator, Babylon, Google Translate and other machine translation engines.

The Phrases tab provides a search for phrases based on a searched word and displays translations of phrases from all dictionaries of a selected language pair.

If your query is a phrase, the tab Phrases displays an exact match for a searched phrase, as well as a fuzzy match, or similar phrases with words included in the search.

The All Dictionaries tab offers a search for words in all available dictionaries. The search results are displayed as links to the dictionaries where a word or a phrase with a searched word has been found.

If no results have been found, you will be offered to run the Machine Translation to get translations for your search.

How to Translate displays phrases in the target language found for the word that is being searched or for the first word in the phrase that you have entered.

This list correlates with a searched word and the first word in the phrase that has been entered.

Search History keeps track of the user's actions on the site and saves all searches in the history. Users may return to their searches at any time to see the previous entries.

The saved entries may be searched in all available dictionaries at any time.

The TTS Voice, a natural sounding text-to-speech service, reads the text aloud in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages.


The Virtual keyboard allows input words and phrases in the languages not supported by your computer.

The virtual keyboard gets synchronized with the selected language pair.