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ImTranslator: iFrame Widget

ImTranslator iFrame widget delivers online translation of words, phrases and texts for over 50 languages making more than 4200 language combinations.  ImTranslator widget offers translation using 4 translation providers.
ImTranslator offers easy and convenient way of communication in foreign languages.

ImTranslator iFrame widget can be easily embedded into your website. This service is free, and represents an ideal online solution for your website visitors. Your users will be able to input texts in many languages, check spelling, translate texts in over 50 languages, use dictionaries, convert text into voice, print translation and send email.

ImTranslator widget provides the most convenient access to the online translation services powered by various online translation providers. It includes the translation editor, virtual keyboard, spell-checker, dictionary, decoder, transliteration, back translation, text-to-speech, auto language features, language synchronization, and email.

ImTranslator includes the following language tools

    • Online Translation – allows text translation in over 50 languages
    • Virtual Keyboard – allows text input in more than 40 languages
    • Spellchecker – checks spelling in 8 languages
    • Dictionary– provides words search and translation in 20 language pairs
    • Decoder– converts unreadable Russian text to the proper encoding
    • Transliteration – displays Russian text with Latin characters
    • Text-to-speech – converts the text into voice in 10 languages
    • Back Translation - translates the target text back to its original language
    • Printing – prints original or translated text
    • Email – sends email in more than 40 languages
    • Interface localization – 23 languages

Choose the widget and add its code to your site