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Presentation: Web Page Translation

Web Page Translation Slide Show Presentation

Web Page Translation translates an entire web page between 66 languages using Google Translation service.

To translate a web page, choose ImTranslator: Web Page Translation from the Firefox Tools, ImTranslator menu

Or, from ImTranslator button on the Firefox toolbar


Or, from the right-click context menu. You may also use the hotkey Alt+P

The right-click context menu provides the choice of a web page translation mode: translate the entire web page and mouseover translation.

When you choose the Mouseover translation mode, hover your mouse over the original text, and the translation for the highlighted segment will be displayed in an pop-up bubble.


The right-click context menu allows you to change the translation language using the "Change language" menu.

You can also change the translation language from the translation toolbar on the top of the page.

Download ImTranslator add-on from Firefox from the official Mozilla add-ons site.