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Text-to-Speech Service

In recent years, text-to-speech (also known as text to voice) software has been available on the Internet. Text-to-Speech (TTS) is a method of speech synthesis that develops an audio text speech from the text it reads.


Text to voice software has many uses. For example, if someone was visually impaired, you could create an e-mail and have it converted from text-to-speech, and send it to them. They would then be able to listen to your e-mail, instead of reading it.

Another example is you might have an assignment in school, and you need to research a lot of material. Instead of reading through all of it on the Internet, you could copy and paste the text into a text-to-speech program, and listen to the material.

The problem with the TTS prototype was the audio voice created made it sound like a robotic creature. However, after trial and error, the new text-to-speech programs sound like you are listening to a real person.

TTS Online service offers you a reliable, full functioning text-to-speech system that quickly allows you to convert your written text into a natural sounding voice. Not only that, you are able to select voices in American English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, European Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

You have the options of following the text on the screen while a surprisingly real looking animated person speaks the text to you. If that wasn’t cool enough, TTS Voice can also translate your text into over 20 languages, and play back the voice in that language.

This is great if you have friends in other countries, who speak a language other than yours. You could actually communicate with them in their language at the click of a button!


Text to Speech Features

• It gives you the opportunity to practice your listening and speaking skills in your own language, or a foreign language. This is great for language students, who need extra practice outside of the classroom.

• TTS Voice offers you a high quality, realistic sounding voice.

• You can replay the audio as many times as you like.

• The text is divided into easy to read segments, which makes it easier to follow.

• If the voice is too fast for you, you can adjust the speed.

• Finally, you are allowed to embed the audio links to your website, or even into an e-mail.

What you will find amazing is that it has more functions than just about any paid programs on the Internet. Just type in your speech text, hit a button, and an animated looking person will begin speaking your text to you immediately.

Whether you want to listen to an English voice, French voice, Italian voice, Spanish voice, Russian voice, or others, this text-to-speech service is a top-of-the-line text-to-speech program. You are sure to get hours of enjoyment from your speech text.