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ImTranslator TTS Voice iFrame Widget

This iFrame-based text-to-speech widget includes with the following functionalities: text-to-speech conversion in 10 languages: American English, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, European Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese; male and female English voices, audio player, text segmentation and highlighting, voice speed control, text to audio link conversion. This widget is essential for educational and language learning needs.

Place any text inside the box and click 'Say it' button

ImTranslator Voice lets you listen to the text along with reading it on the screen. Just one click, you can have your computer speak any text aloud in a clear natural sounding human voice. For the users’ convenience, the text is being broken up into the meaningful segments. The pronounced text is synchronously highlighted, which allows you to follow the text on screen while listening.

Flash Player

If you experience problems hearing the voice, check the status of the Flash Player in your browser.

ImTranslator TTS Voice

  • brings best quality voice and pronunciation
  • allows you to hear any text in the language you are learning
  • lets you practice your speaking and listening skills

ImTranslator TTS Voice allows you to

  • replay the text as many times as you wish using the audio player
  • edit the text, enter a new text, change the language
  • follow the text on the screen while listening

Choose the widget and add its code to your site