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Presentation: ImTranslator Bubble

ImTranslator Bubble Slide Show Presentation

ImTranslator Bubble instantly translates words, sentences and text on any website and displays the translation in a pop-up bubble without leaving the page.

The pop-up bubble translates between 66 languages using Google translation engine.

To translate with the pop-up bubble, select a text on a webpage with the mouse and click the floating button.

Or select a text with the mouse and use the trigger key (Alt by default).

The translation appears in a pop-up bubble above the highlighted text.

ImTranslator Bubble can translate a selected text on mouse selection only, without a trigger key. To use this mode, open Options and choose "None" in the Trigger key menu.

The translation will pops up when selecting a text with the mouse.

If a selected text is too large for the pop-up bubble, the translation will be performed by the Google Translate application.

The text size supported by the pop-up bubble is limited to 1000 characters at one time.

ImTranslator Bubble automatically detects the language of the selected text.

All you have to do is to select the target language to translate.

You can manually set the language of the source text, if you basically translate from the same language.

What you can do with the bubble translation:

- change the font size
- copy the translation to clipboard
- listen to the translation in the languages supported by the text-to-speech engine
- pin/unpin the pop-up bubble

ImTranslator Bubble can be customized using Options.

Pin pop-up bubble - pins the translation window to the webpage.

Show Translator’s button - shows the floating button above a selected text to be translated.

Translate on mouse selection - performs translation by selecting a text with the mouse and using a trigger key. Choose a preferred trigger key from the drop-down list.  When choosing “None”, the translation will be completed on mouse selection only.

Note: if both options “Show Translator’s button” and “Translate on mouse selection” got unchecked, the pop-up bubble will no longer appear. To enable the Bubble again, go to ImTranslator Options, Settings tab, and check the box “Show ImTranslator Bubble “.

Auto Copy translation to clipboard