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Beautifully done

Posted by on 2-19-15

Thank your website

Posted by on 1-8-15

Thanks to Google Chrome!

Posted by on 8-9-13

This is great.

Posted by on 7-29-13

This is the best Translator

Posted by on 7-29-13

Great translator with a lot of options

Posted by on 7-29-13

Best text-to-speech I’ve heard

Posted by on 6-13-13

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ImTranslator v. 7.6 extension for Chrome

ImTranslator v. 7.6 extension for Chrome What’s new in this version: Added localization to the user interfaces: Japanese, Hindi, Korean.     More information...

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ImTranslator: Μεταφραστής, Λεξικό, Φωνή

ImTranslator: Μεταφραστής, Λεξικό, Φωνή Άμεση μετάφραση ενός επιλεγμένου κειμένου, λέξεων, φράσεων και ιστοσελίδων ΕΦΑΡΜΟΓΏΝ ΜΕΤΆΦΡΑΣΗΣ: <ul> <li>Inline Traductor (eνσωματωμένη μετάφραση)</li>...

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ImTranslator: Tłumacz, Słownik, Głos

ImTranslator: Tłumacz, Słownik, Głos Natychmiastowe tłumaczenie zaznaczonego...

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ImTranslator: Tradutor, Dicionário, Voz

ImTranslator fornece tradução instantânea de um texto selecionado, palavras,...

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ImTranslator: Traductor, Diccionario, Voz

ImTranslator: Traductor, Diccionario, Voz. ImTranslator es el traductor de una...

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ImTranslator: Traduttore, Dizionario, Voce

ImTranslator: Traduttore, Dizionario, Voce. ImTranslator è un traduttore via...

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ImTranslator v. 8.18 add-on for Firefox

ImTranslator v. 8.18 add-on for Firefox. What’s new in this version:...

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ImTranslator: Übersetzer, Wörterbuch, Sprach

ImTranslator ist der Übersetzungsservice mit einer breiten Palette von...

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ImTranslator: Traducteur, Dictionnaire, Voix

ImTranslator traduit un texte sélectionné, des mots, des expressions, des...

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ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS

ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS is a web-based translator with a...

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