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Beautifully done

Posted by on 2-19-15

Thank your website

Posted by on 1-8-15

Thanks to Google Chrome!

Posted by on 8-9-13

This is great.

Posted by on 7-29-13

This is the best Translator

Posted by on 7-29-13

Great translator with a lot of options

Posted by on 7-29-13

Best text-to-speech I’ve heard

Posted by on 6-13-13

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Inline Translator: Up and Running

Inline Translator translates a selected text on a page by spitting it into sentences and inserting the translation into a webpage after or before the original sentence.  This is a very helpful tool to understand...

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ImTranslator v. 5.0 extension for Chrome

ImTranslator v. 5.0 extension for Chrome. What’s New: Inline Translator. This new application inserts translation into a webpage preserving the original formatting. The translation can be placed after or...

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ImTranslator v. 8.11 add-on for Firefox

 What’s new in this version: Added the capability to open Webpage...

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ImTranslator Translation Service

ImTranslator Translation  service provides an instant translation of words,...

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Compare Online Translators Service

Compare Online Translators Service translates and compares the translation...

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ImTranslator Google Dictionary

ImTranslator Google Dictionary application has been developed to accommodate...

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Translate & Speak Service

Translate & Speak service offers a natural sounding text-to-speech service...

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Voice Reader Text-to-Speech Software

Voice Reader is the text-to-speech software that converts any text on your...

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Multilingual Phrasebook

Multilingual Phrasebook  is a great multi-language source to improve your...

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Online Translation

Online Translation. Why would you need an online translator? First of all, the...

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