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How to Play Voice in Translation Services

As you know, our Translation Services includes the Text-to-Speech functionality with multimedia contents. This functionality is supported by various players which can stream audio, and execute multimedia contents.

Our translation services implement Adobe Flash Player and HTML5 player, and depending on the browsers, the voice can be streamed by either both players, or only one.

The following browsers: Chrome, Opera, Yandex, MS Edge support both players, and you can easily switch between HTML5 player and Flash player on the fly.




Just mark the checkbox next to "Enable Flash Version".  The Flash player will stream the voice, display a speaking avatar, and highlight the pronounced words for easy learning.



The other browsers, Firefox, Safari and IE11, will steam the voice using Adobe Flash player only.

If the Flash player is not enabled in your browser, click on the link "How to enable Flash Player" to get detailed instructions.