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We remove language barriers

Beautifully done

Beautifully done. Your degree of excellence is quite rare on the net. Well...

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Thank your website

I would just like to thank your website for assisting in the feeding of a new baby whose mother didn’t understand Spanish and was...

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Thanks to Google Chrome!

I am always using google tools to translate but need to go to the website first. To have something in tact to your PC which can be opened...

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This is great.

This is great. I have been reviewing my Arabic by writing sentences in English and obtaining an immediate translation in Arabic. I do read...

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This is the best Translator

This is the best Translator I have found and happy to have!!! Many thanks to you from a money less Old Woman, as it allows me to stay in...

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Great translator with a lot of options

Great translator with a lot of options, very full:-), it is the BEST translator whom I know, I would like so much that he is in French...

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Best text-to-speech I’ve heard

Just tried this and it is really good – the best text-to-speech I’ve heard so far. It’s a pity you can’t put more...

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Excelente en traducciones cortas

Excelente en traducciones cortas. Muy rápido. Si mantienes conectado a Internet, puedes tenerlo minimizado en tu barra de inicio rápido...

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I love this website!!

I love this website!! it helps me to translate all the words that I need to understand!! awesome idea!!

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Excellent site.

Excellent site. I’m from South Africa and Afrikaans speaking. Love the translation service!

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