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We remove language barriers

Video: Language detection

ImTranslator auto detect tool automatically identifies the language and set the correct language for translation.

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Video: Russian Decoder

If you get an unreadable Russian email or text, use the Russian Decoder to convert the text into a standard Cyrillic characters set. You will be able to read and translate Russian text without any...

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Video: Russian transliteration

Use ImTranslator to convert the Russian text to the Latin characters (transliterate). The original text will be translated into Russian and immediately converted into the Latin characters to read it...

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Video: Online Spell Checker

The Multilingual Online Spell Checker supports 8 European languages. It is integrated with all online translation services, and offers a complete synchronization with the language pair selected for...

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Video: Virtual Keyboard

The virtual keyboard allows online users enter text in their native language script, no matter where they are or what computer they’re using. The virtual keyboard supports 41 language...

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