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Video: Language detection

Have no idea in what language it’s written? Let me tell you about I m Translator language detection tool.
If you need to translate a text and you don’t recognize the language, ImTranslator auto detect option will help you identify the language of your text.

  • Check this out. What language is this?
  • Check mark the auto detect box.  Here you are. It’s Turkish! 

The auto detect language option if checked, automatically identifies the language, and set the correct language for translation. 

You have to be aware that a single word may not be identified correctly. For instance, the word  “si” exists in many languages.

The language detection tool identified it as Italian, which is correct. But it can also be a Spanish word, Albanian, Czech, French, Norwegian, Portuguese or Romanian.

The accuracy of the automatic language detection increases with the amount of text entered.  Check this out:

si je savais – detected language is French

or this:

che si adatta – detected language is Italian

or this:

como si fuera magia - detected language is Spanish

Don’t forget to use ImTranslator auto detect option if you are not sure about the language.