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Video: Russian Decoder

If you need to read or translate the Russian text which is written in non-standard Russian characters, the Russian decoder will help you with this task.

The Online Decoder integrated with ImTranslator solves the problems related to an incorrect display of the Russian characters.  It identifies the encoding of the Russian text and converts it, if needed, into the standard Cyrillic character set.

Follow these simple steps.

  • Enter an unreadable non-standard Russian text in the text window.
  • Use the Decode icon on the toolbar to open the Decoder. The text is immediately transferred to the Decoder window. The Decoder performs an automatic conversion to the standard Russian character set.
  • Click Replace to transfer the converted text back to the translation window.
  • Hit Translate, to translate your text into the language of your choice.

The Russian decoder can work in auto mode.

  • Just check mark the auto decode box and hit Translate. The non-standard Russian text will be automatically converted into the standard Russian and instantly translated.

Use the auto decode feature to make your translation work from the Russian language easy and convenient.