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How to Compare Translations

Our translation services use various online translation providers: Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Yandex Translate and Translator.  The translation results in these translation...

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How to Change Translation Provider

By default the comparison tool displays 3 translation providers lined up in alphabetical order (Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Translator). The forth translator,...

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ImTranslator Dictionary Update

ImTranslator Dictionary has been recently updated to make the dictionary translation service more fast and concise. Now the dictionary engine performs three times faster...

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Translation Comparison for Chrome

What’s New in this version:  Optimized the language detection...

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Customize Languages for Translation

We added the ability to save preferred languages for translation from the extended language list for ImTranslator extensions for Chrome, Opera and...

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Translation Comparison for Firefox

Translation Comparison extension translates words, phrases and texts between more than 90 languages and displays the translations side-by-side.  The translator can translates...

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ImTranslator Flash and HTML5 Players in Chrome and Yandex Browsers

The latest versions of Google’s Chrome v.56 and Yandex v.17.3 disable Adobe Flash Player by default.  Google states that using HTML5 by...

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How to Disable Pop-up Button

When you select a text with the mouse, you may notice a small floating button   next to the selected text. By default...

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