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ImTranslator Dictionary Update

ImTranslator Dictionary has been recently updated to make the dictionary translation service more fast and concise.
Now the dictionary engine performs three times faster than before, and displays clean straightforward results. The new version eliminated excessive or unnecessary translations.

The dictionary offers a wealth of information for major European languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The dictionaries are organized into 14 language pairs and provide translations of words, common expressions, idioms, and examples of words and phrases usage.  It runs a high-speed search using the engine based on sophisticated algorithms including morphology logic. These algorithms allow the search engine to recognize different grammatical word forms before the search is done. This is how the accuracy of translation is ensured.

In addition, most of the dictionary entries display synonyms, comments, examples of usage, and transcription for English words.  The phrase translation may also include synonyms, comments, and examples of usage.


English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


English to French, English to German, English to Italian, English to Portuguese, English to Russian, English to Spanish, German to English, French to Italian, French to German, Italian to English, Portuguese to English, Russian to English, Spanish to English.

The English- Russian language pair contains over 2,000,000 entries organized in a library of 36 specialized dictionaries.

Russian Specialized Dictionaries

Common Words Professional, Common Words, Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer, Computer Abbreviations, Economics, Environment, Fishing, Food Industry, Geophysics, Legal, Marketing, Mathematics, Mechanical, Medical, Metallurgy, Military, Modern Computing, Music and Audio Engineering, Networking, Oil and Gas, Oilfiield, Perfumery, Physics, Polytecnical, Radio Engineering, Religious, Solar Energy, Space Medecine, Technical, Telecommunications.



  • search of words in all their forms
  • search of common phrases, idiomatic expressions and sentences
  • spelling suggestions for all words
  • list words with slightly different spelling while you are still typing
  • translation of words with synonyms
  • examples of word and phrase usage
  • alphabetical list of words available in a dictionary
  • transcription for English words