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Presentation: ImTranslator Dictionary

ImTranslator Dictionary provides all kinds of language services from Dictionary and Phrasebook to Translator and language learning tool. The Dictionary offers millions of...

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ImTranslator add-on 5.5 for Firefox

New version of  ImTranslator add-on 5.5 for Firefox has been released.  ImTranslator application now gives access to all languages supported by  Google...

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ImTranslator Extension for Chrome

ImTranslator for Chrome has been released! ImTranslator: Google Translate provides access to Google translation service between 66 languages. Use ImTranslator Options to...

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Presentation: Text-to-Speech

Text-to-Speech service offers a reliable, full functioning text-to-speech system that quickly allows users to convert a written text into a natural sounding voice....

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Presentation: Online Translation

Slideshow presentation for ImTranslator Online Translation. This translation service supports 52 languages powered by 3 translation engines. The translation integrated the following...

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ImTranslator add-on 5.4 for Firefox

The new version for ImTranslator add-on for Firefox has been released. New languages added to Microsoft Translator: Hindi, Malay, Persian and Urdu....

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Presentation: Free Translation

Slideshow presentation: ImTranslator Free Translation. ImTranslator Free Translation Service allows you to input text in over 40 languages using the virtual keyboard,...

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Presentation: Translation Service

ImTranslator Translation Service provides online translation for 18 language pairs, multilingual text input, text editing, spelling checking, Russian text decoding and transliteration,...

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