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We remove language barriers

ImTranslator Tools

ImTranslator Tools offer additional web-based language tools to support communication in foreign languages or educational and language learning needs.

  • ImTranslator Options

    Options allow to customize ImTranslator applications according to your preferences.

  • ImTranslator Widget

    ImTranslator widget provides instant translation between more than 90 languages.

  • ImTranslator TTS

    ImTranslator TTS is the web-based text-to-speech widget which converts text to voice for 10 languages.

  • ImTranslator Keyboard

    ImTranslator Keyboard allows accessing web resources from any computer.

  • ImTranslator Dictionary

    ImTranslator Dictionary translates single words, common phrases and idiomatic expressions for 8 languages and their combinations.

  • For Webmaster

    Widgets for Webmasters offer translation and text-to-speech solutions for your website.