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Language Detection

Inline Translator performs the language detection of the selected text on the fly.

Default language settings are the following:
  • source language is set to "Detect language"
  • target language is your browser's language
  • "Detect source language automatically" is enabled

With these settings the language of the text to be translated is defined automatically.
All you have to do is to select the target language for translation.

If you want to make changes in the language settings, use Inline Translator Options.

How to Change Language

To change the translation language open the context menu imtranslator-small ImTranslator: Translation, Dictionary, TTS, then select Change language, then Inline Translator.



The Inline Translator Options open, and you can select the target language to translate.


If you don't rely on the automatic language detection, and you know the language of the text you translate from, set the source language from the drop-down menu and clear the "Detect source language automatically" checkbox.  Save options.


This will save your choice of languages and disable the automatic language detection.