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Bubble Translator: Pop-up Bubble Button

Pop-up Bubble Translator can be run in different ways:

  • clicking the floating button imtranslator-small
  • using the context menu
  • using shortcut Alt (default)
  • using mouse selection (disable the shortcut in Options)


The Translator's button is enabled by default. When you select a text, the Pop-up Bubble button imtranslator-small instantly appears next to the selected text.

Pop-up Bubble Floating Button

Click the button to see the translation in a pop-up window.


By default the Translator's button appears for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds the button fades out. You can extend the button visibility using Options.



To hide the floating button, disable the Translator button in Pop-up Bubble Options by clearing "Show Translator's button".


The Translator's button is very convenient on touchscreen devices. Keep the Pop-up button enabled when using touchscreen.


Disable Translator's Button Temporarily

If the Pop-up button interferes with your work , you can temporarily disable the button imtranslator-small from the Pop-up Bubble translation application.


To run the Pop-up Bubble application, use the context menu or the shortcut key Alt.