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Run Google Translate

After the installation the Google Translate extension sets the target (translation) language in accordance with the language of the browser.   You can then easily change the target language at any time following your preferences and needs.

How to run Google Translate
  • click   icon_16x16 Google Translate button on the Opera toolbar to open the toolbar translation application
  • choose Translator from the context menu  icon_16x16 Google Translate
  • use the shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+Z  (default) to launch the Translator



The Google Translate application opens.  Now you can type in, paste or drag-n-drop text to translate.

How to translate a selected text
  • use the context menu icon_16x16 Google Translate, then select a preferred translation application
  • click  imtranslator-www3 Google Translate button on the Opera toolbar to open the translation application
  • click the floating button icon_16x16  to open the Pop-up Bubble Translator
  • use the corresponding shortcut keys to run translation applications





Google Translator application opens with the selected text and its translation.


Inline Translator embeds the translation to a webpage.


Pop-up Bubble Translator displays the translation in a pop-up bubble application.


Webpage Translation

  • choose “Translate this page to” a selected language from the context menu  imtranslator-www3 Google Translate




The selected webpage will open with the translation toolbar on the top:

Web Page Translation