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Inline Translator

Inline Translator  instantly translates a selected text on a page by splitting it into sentences and embeds the translation into a webpage keeping the webpage formatting.
Based on settings, the translation can be placed before or after the selected text.



or simply replace the original preserving the webpage formatting.



To see the Inline Translation, follow these steps:

Select text with the mouse and:

  • use the context menu  imtranslator-www3 Google Translate, then choose Inline Translator: Translate selection
  • or hold the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C (default) BEFORE or AFTER selecting the text on a webpage
  • or remove the shortcut by pressing the X sign to see "None" in the shortcut field, then simply select the text with the mouse



Inline Translator features
  • Inline translator can be run on mouse selection from the context menu, or shortcut.
  • Insert translation after or before the original text.
  • Translation can replace the original text.
  • Preserve the original page formatting.
  • Translation can be displayed in brackets or without.
  • Translation can be aligned for better visibility by using the line break option.
  • Control of the text selection by observing the word boundaries.
  • Select color of the translated text.
  • Clear inserted translation and restore original page formatting.
  • Auto language detection of the source text.
  • Words translation using the built-in dictionary.
  • Translation history.
  • Shortcuts customization.