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Translate Facebook

Facebook  is a multilingual place where everyone's voice can be heard and counted, no matter where you live or what language you speak.  Therefore it’s very important to make it easy for people to communicate and understand each other.

Do you know that you can use ImTranslator extensions to translate Facebook posts, comments, feeds and any other Facebook content to your language? ImTranslator also helps to add your comments or write on your friend's Timeline in the language of your choice.

ImTranslator extensions are available for the following browsers:  Chrome, Firefox,  Opera, Yandex, MS Edge (coming soon).


How to Translate Facebook Content using ImTranslator


Translate with Pop-up Bubble Translator 

Run the Pop-up Bubble Translator to translate posts, comments, news feeds, profile or other Facebook content using the Pop-up button, customizable shortcut or context menu.  Browse the translation providers Google, Microsoft, or Translator to choose the best translation. Use the Dictionary to see alternative translation of words.


Translate with Inline Translator

Run the Inline Translator to see the translation replacing the original text.  Use shortcuts, context menu or mouse selection only. Choose the color of the inserted translation for better visibility.  Use the Dictionary to get multiple translations of words.


How to Write Posts and Comments using ImTranslator


Write Posts or Comments in the Language of you Choice using ImTranslator

Run ImTranslator application using toolbar button, shortcut or context menu to compose and translate a text in the language of your choice. Check the translation accuracy by using the back translation. Browse the translation providers to choose the best translation.