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Translate Facebook using Inline Translator

Inline Translation is a very easy way to translate Facebook timeline and comments. With only one move of the mouse or shortcuts hit, you can get the translation of a post or a comment on a Facebook page.

Inline translation is a very convenient tool for language learners, for quick retrieval of information, or just for browsing non-native Facebook pages.

Inline Translator translates a selected text on a page by splitting it into sentences and embeds the translation into the page preserving the original formatting.  Based on settings, the translation can be placed before or after the selected text.

Inline Translator is an integral part of ImTranslator extensions.

Download :


To translate

Highlight a post or a comment on a Facebook page and run Inline Translator using:

  • Context menu Inline translation
  • Shortcut keys : Ctrl+C (Firefox, Chrome); Ctrl+Alt+C (Opera, Yandex)
  • Mouse selection without pressing any key (set this mode in Options)


1. To make the translation clearly visible it is recommended to have the following settings in the Inline Translator Options:

  • Line break (enabled)
  • Align by word (enabled)
  • Enclosed in brackets (disabled)



2. To make the translation process even quicker,  simply highlight the text on the Facebook page to get the translation.
To do so, go to the Inline Translator Options and remove the shortcut from the "Translate with shortcut" box ("None" will be displayed).
Now, when you select the text, the translation instantly appears.



3.  You can replace the original text with the translation to see the translation more clearly.
In this case, check the options "Hide original" in the Inline Translator Options.



4. Inline Translator is fully customizable. For your convenience, you can change the color of the embedded translation.


Now the translation looks like this:


If you want to restore the original text, use the context menu "Show original text" .


The original text will be instantly restored.



5. Sometimes the meaning of a text depends on the exact meaning of a word.  If some of words appear not completely clear, you can use the Dictionary to see words translations.  ImTranslator uses Google Dictionary to display word translations.  Simply highlight a single word, and run the Inline Translator.