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ImTranslator v.16.84 extension for Opera

Added Yandex Translate for ImTranslator, Pop-up Bubble and Inline Translator. Added shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+S” to switch Target Language for Inline Translator. Added options for Delay and Position Offset of Pop-up Bubble floating button.Added Dark Mode Theme for ImTranslator, Pop-up Bubble and Options. Added Microsoft Translator support for Inline Translator application. The new version allows you to choose between Google and Microsoft as the translation provider for Inline translator. Improved Inline Translator’s behavior for Chinese and Japanese languages. Added the option “Immediately display popup” to Auto Translate on mouse selection in the Pop-up Bubble. Improved Pin/Unpin Pop-up Bubble behavior for easy scrolling of the webpage. Added the “Esc” key function to close Pop-up Bubble or eliminate Pop-up Bubble floating button Added the possibility to change the priority order of translation providers in Options. The new version allows you to listen to...

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Google Translate v.8.42 extension for Opera

What’s new in this version: Added the text-to-speech function for 20 more languages.  Now the TTS voice is available for 30 languages. Implemented Advanced Settings to manage TTS service for more than 30 languages. Advanced settings allow to combine ImTranslator voices with the voices from other providers.     With these settings you can choose which TTS service to use: ImTranslator TTS service or the TTS service from other providers. ImTranslator Text-to-Speech service supports the following natural sounding voices: American English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and European Spanish. Other supported voices are: Arabic, Bengali, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Khmer, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.  These voices speak up to 100 characters at a time.   More information …  ...

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ImTranslator v. 7.17 extension for Opera

ImTranslator Extension for Opera performs instant translation of texts, words, phrases and webpages between 91 languages nad read the text in 26 languages. ImTranslator for Opera offers a selection of translation applications: Inline Translator ImTranslator Pop-up Bubble Translator Webpage Translation as well as convenient language tools such as Text-to-Speech,   Translation History and ImTranslator Dictionary.  Functionality online translation between 91 languages 10 thousand characters per translation 4 translation applications instant translation of a selected text in pop-up bubble window standalone translation window translation inserted into a webpage using Inline Translator translation of the entire webpage with mouseover translation option ImTranslator Dictionary text-to-speech in 26 languages translation history automatic language detection back translation shortcuts customization complete customization of each translation tool user interface in English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Italian, Hindi, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish,...

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ImTranslator v. 8.0 extension for Opera

What’s new in this version: NOW YOU CAN USE GOOGLE, MICROSOFT BING AND OTHER TRANSLATORS Added multiple translation providers (Microsoft Bing, Translator) to ImTranslator and Pop-Up Bubble translators. Added the possibility to disable multiple translation providers in Options.   Pop-up Bubble Translator   Other translation providers (Microsoft Bing and Translator) are enabled by default, and can be disabled in Options, if...

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Google Translate for Opera

Google Translate v. 7.18 for Opera, first release Google Translate performs quick translation of a selected text, words, phrases and webpages between 91 languages using Google translation service. Google Translate includes the following translation applications: Translator Inline Translator Popup Bubble Web Page Translation Google Translate keeps track of all your translation activity and stores translation records in the Translation History.   Install Google Translate directly from the Opera add-ons page: How to launch Google Translate click “Google Translate” button on the Opera toolbar choose the “Translator” item from the right-click context menu “Google:Translate” use the shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+Z (default) to launch the Translator   How to translate with Google Translate Select the text on a website and: click the floating button, or right-click the menu “Pop-up Bubble: Translate selection” to open Pop-up Bubble Translator (shortcut: Alt) right-click the context...

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