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We remove language barriers

It is wonderful and great

“It is wonderful and great for beginners and grateful to entire team.” Nageswari

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Thank you

“I’ve been using your translation program for a few years now in a fast paced school setting as a traveling substitute teacher. Would you believe that I just discovered how to slow down the audio part for better learning of Spanish. And discovered this feedback page.  I’ve shown your program to numerous students from Mexico, China, Latvia, and Thailand. In each case it has brought fascination and delight. It has also taken kids out of a sense of isolation as I can communicate in print or voice with them in the classroom. I also have shared it with a number of teachers, one of whom was voted teacher of the year in Florida. After not seeing him for a year or so he remembered me and mentioned right away the ImTranslator program with enthusiasm. A suggestion for a language...

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Just want to thank

“Just want to thank whoever came up with this wonderful site. I love it and I only really use it for making cool automated messages for our cellphones.  Nice!”...

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