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Web Translation New Version

Web Translation New Version just released.


  • added new languages (Google, Microsoft)
  • optimized translation speed and functionality
  • text-to-speech service performs on the same page



Web Translation service allows you to translate between more than 90 languages using various translation providers, input text in over 40 languages using the virtual keyboard, check spelling of the text in 8 languages, detect the language of the source text on the fly, convert an unreadable Russian text into the standard Cyrillic encoding, listen to the original text and its translation in 10 languages on the same page, print translation and send email right from the translation window.

Choose Translation Provider

Web Translation allows you to choose a translation provider by clicking on the corresponding translator's tab.



Your preferred translation provider will be remembered and kept in cookies until you choose a different one, or change the language direction supported by a different translator.


For many languages you may see a speaker button next to the original or translation text window. Click this icon to hear a spoken version of your text.


The text-to-speech offers American English (male and female), Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and European Spanish.


Back Translation

To check the translation accuracy, use the the back translation feature. The back translation, if checked, translates the target text back to the original language.


This absolutely unique tool allows you to compare the translation to the original text to make sure that the translation is clear.


Language Detection

If you don't know the language of the original text, choose the "Auto detect” option to let the translator figure out the language for you.


You may notice a detected language above the source languages list.  The accuracy of the automatic language detection increases with the amount of text entered.


Language Tools

Web Translation includes other useful language tools, such as virtual keyboard, spell-checker, Russian decoder and more.



Send Email

Send emails directly from the the translator window.


You have a choice to send the translation only or add the original text as a reference.

WebTranslation keeps selected settings (language pairs, translation provider, back translation) in cookies.  You can also bookmark this site and share this online translator with your friends.