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Webpage Translation New Features

We recently released new features for the Webpage Translation tool.

New Webpage Translation module allows you to customize the translation behavior of the website (domain and its subdomains) through the Translation Toolbar, set custom settings for domains/language, perform an automatic translation of a website.


Webpage Translation Domain Options

Domain options allow you to set up different parameters and settings of the webpage translation for the specific website (domain or subdomains).



For example, if you open a website (domain) and checkmark its subdomains, select the "Translate to" language, and mark the checkbox "Always", then this website with all its subdomains will be translated to a chosen language every time you open this website.


Webpage Translation Language Options

The Language options allow to set up different parameters and settings of the webpage translation for a specific website language.



The Language Options allow you to set up an automatic translation for any website to a chosen language. All you have to do it to choose "All" from the "Translate from" language list and mark the checkbox "Always". 

Note that all Webpage Translation toolbar settings overwrite general Webpage Translation Options.

For more information about new Webpage Translation Options, refer to Options.

These new features are currently available in ImTranslator extension for Chrome.