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We remove language barriers

Video: ImTranslator Translation

ImTranslator Translation is a newly re-designed online translation service, which offers an instant translation between over 60 languages.
The translation is powered by Google, Microsoft, Babylon Translator and other translation engine.

With ImTranslator you translate, compare translations to choose the best, listen to the translation.

How to work efficiently with ImTranslator.

• First, enter text for translation. You can type in, paste, or drag-n-drop text to the "Original text" window.
• Choose the translation direction.
• Then, the translation provider.
Your text will be instantly translated.

If you don't know the language of the original text, mark the "auto detect” checkbox to let ImTranslator identify the language for you.

If you want to check how accurate the translation is, use the back translation. ImTranslator reverses the translation back to the original language. You can use this feature as a quality check.

Please note that the back translation is not always accurate due to the asymmetric sentences structure in different languages.

ImTranslator can read original or translated text in any of 10 languages. Click the speaker button to hear the spoken version of your text. The large text is divided into segments. The pronounced part is synchronously highlighted, which makes it easier to follow.

You can use the player’s buttons to replay the text as many times as you wish. Listen to the original text or its translation.

ImTranslator includes many useful language tools: virtual keyboard, spell-checker, dictionary, Russian decoder and others. You can also print the translation and send it by email.

Bookmark this page with chosen language settings. So, next time when you open the page to translate, the languages you have selected will be immediately available.

If you wish to use ImTranslator in your favorite browser, you can download ImTranslator extension from Chrome Web Store or Mozilla add-ons website.

We hope that you will enjoy our translation services!