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Video: ImTranslator Extension for Chrome

ImTranslator Extension for Google Chrome

We have created this video to give new users to this online translator a near-complete understanding of its major features.  So, the main purpose of ImTranslator is to provide a convenient access to the Google translation service.

  • The online translator performs instant translation of words, phrases, and texts between 66 languages.
  • Using it – very simple: just enter text, choose the translation direction, and press the Translate button.
  •  You can download ImTranslator Extension from Chrome Web Store.  On the Chrome web store page, search for “ImTranslator”.  Click “Add to Chrome” button to install the extension.  Confirm the extension.
  • After the installation, the translator’s button appears on the Chrome’s toolbar and in the context menu.   Click the button on the toolbar to launch the translator.
  • Another way to run the translation tool is to right-click the context menu and select ImTranslator. Or simply use the hotkey from the Options.
  • You can also highlight the text on the web page and click ImTranslator button on the toolbar.
  • Another way to translate is to highlight the text on the web page and select “ImTranslator: Translate selection” from the right-click context menu.   Or use the hotkey.
  •  Basic editing functions include:

Change the font size
Copy text from the original or translation window
Clear text

  • If you don't know the language of the original text, choose the "Auto Detect” language option to let the translator identify the language for you.
  • If it’s necessary, you can easily switch the translation direction.
  • The unique feature of ImTranslator is the back translation.  The translator reverses the translation back to the original language.  Comparison of a back translation to the original text can be used as a quality check on the translation result.
  •  To enable this function check the “back translation” box.
  • Click the speaker button to hear your text in the natural sounding voice. The text-to-speech feature is currently available for 10 languages.
  •  ImTranslator can be customized according to your needs.  Use the Options menu on the upper right corner.
  • Choose a preferred translation direction: source and target language;

enable the back translation;
choose the hotkey
change the font size

Don’t forget to save the new settings.

  • You may want to use other free ImTranslator Services, such as Translate and Speak, Online Dictionary, Compare Translations between Google, Microsoft, Babylon and other translation engines.
  • ImTranslator offers translation and text-to-speech Widgets for Webmaster to embed them into web pages, blogs or other online services.  These widgets are free and they are designed for the websites owners who wish to support communication in foreign languages.

ImTranslator is an ongoing project that continues to grow, expand and improve.  Your feedback, comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.