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Video: ImTranslator Application in Chrome Extension

ImTranslator performs instant translation of words, phrases and texts and reads the translation in 26 languages.

ImTranslator is one the translation application entegrated into Extension for Chrome.

The extension can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store.
After the installation ImTranslator: Google Translate is added to the Chrome toolbar and the context menu.

You can run ImTranslator in a number of ways.
• click "ImTranslator: Google Translate" button on the Chrome toolbar
• use the right-click menu and select ImTranslator
• you can also use the pre-set hotkeys: Ctrl+ALT+Z

The translation window opens. You can use it as a standalone translation application: enter text and make a translation.

With the same technique you can translate any text on a webpage by selecting the text with the mouse.
• Highlight the text and use the button on the toolbar.
• Or, right-click on ImTranslator.
• use the hotkeys.

The selected text will be instantly translated. The maximum size of the text is 5,000 characters per translation which is about 4 pages.

ImTranslator includes a comprehensive dictionary. Just select a word and run the translator. You will see alternative translations of a searched word along with the part of speech.
Each dictionary entry displays a set of reverse translations into the original language.
The Dictionary includes 64 language combinations with English language and 17 other language pairs.

One of the ImTranslator’s valuable features is language detection. If you don't know the language of the text, choose "Detect language" to let ImTranslator identify the language for you.
But is the language detector makes a mistake, which can happen with small text or loan words, you can deactivate this feature and set your language manually.
Open Options and make changes. The new settings will be available immediately.

A unique feature of ImTranslator is BACK TRANSLATION. The back translation translates the target text back to the original language to help you check the accuracy of the translation.

Enable the back translation window, and compare the back translation to the original text to see how accurate the translation is.
Please note that the back translation doesn’t always provide the same translation result due to the asymmetric sentence structure in different languages.

If you want to use this feature permanently, go to the Options and enable the back translation checkbox.

ImTranslator has the speech capability. Click the Speaker button to listen to the voice reading the text.

You can listen to the original text or its translation. ImTranslator currently supports 26 voices.

ImTranslator offers the Translation History tool, which keeps track of all your translation activity and stores translation records in the Translation History.

You can access the Translation History from Options or from any translation application.
The Translation History is available for any ImTranslator application.

Translation History allows you to:
• expand the translation record if it's over 200 characters
• split the record by sentences to display sentence-by-sentence translation
• see the source of the translation
• search and sort translation records
• listen to the original or translation (26 languages)
• export the translation history in .csv format

If you want to change default settings for this application, you can do it easily in Options.
Open ImTranslator Options, from the button on the toolbar, or directly from the translator. Here you can change languages as well as the translator’s behavior:
• enable dictionary,
• make the back translation window active,
• change the hotkeys,
• choose the font size,
• enable translation history.

Don’t forget to save changes. All new settings will be available immediately.