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Translator: Auto Options

The Translator application implements the Auto Options to provide the synchronization with the selected language pair.

The auto options apply to the following language tools:

  • back translation
  • spellchecker
  • dictionary
  • Russian decoder
  • Russian transliteration

The Auto options, if checked, automatically enable speller, dictionary, decoder, back translation and Russian transliteration and synchronize them with the language direction.

Auto Back Translation


The back translation feature, if checked, automatically translates the target text back to the original language.  This is the easy way to check the accuracy of the translation, and adjust the original text to get more understandable translation result.

Auto Spellchecker


Mark the "Auto spell" checkbox to allow the spellchecker running automatically when clicking on the Translate button.  It is highly advised to check spelling of your text before translation to get more accurate translation results.

Auto Dictionary


Mark the Auto "Dictionary" checkbox to run the dictionary automatically when clicking the Translate button if a single word is submitted for translation.

Auto Russian Decoder


If you translate from the Russian language and your text doesn't look standard Russian, use the Russian decoder. It converts unreadable Russian text into standard Russian characters.  Use the Auto "Decode" function to run the Decoder automatically.

Auto Russian Transliteration


The Russian decoder can transliterate the Russian translation to display the Russian text in Latin characters.  Check the "Translit" box to run this feature in auto mode.