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Translate Selected Text

Pop-up Bubble Translator can translate a selected text with or without shortcut keys.

Translate selected text with a shortcut key
  • hold the shortcut key Alt (default) before or after selecting the text on a webpage
  • the translation will pop up in a bubble window

You can change the shortcuts if desired.  Use permitted keys  Ctrl, Alt, Shift, A-Z, 0-9 in any combination, but no more than three keys. Consult the section Shortcuts.




Translate selected text without a shortcut key
  • open Pop-up Bubble Options
  • delete the shortcut by clicking on the X sign ("None" will be displayed)
  • save options



To translate:
  • select the text with the mouse
  • the translation appears in a pop-up window

Note: this translation mode is not recommended. It may interfere with other tasks where making text selection with the mouse is implemented.