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Dictionary: Pop-up Bubble Translator

The Pop-up Bubble Translator can be used as a Dictionary.  Select a word and run the Pop-up Bubble application:

  • click the floating button imtranslator-small
  • use the context menu imtranslator-small ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS, then Pop-up Bubble: Translate selection
  • hold the shortcut key Alt (default)
  • double-click the word without a shortcut key (enable the double-click translation in Options)



The Pop-up Bubble opens the dictionary's translations.  The dictionary results display alternative translations, synonyms, and the grammar information, such a part of speech.  In addition to the translation variants, each dictionary entry displays a set of reverse translations into the original language, if available.

During the dictionary's translation, The Pop-up Bubble Translator automatically switches to the first provider that supports a dictionary.

If a translation provider doesn't have a dictionary's entry for a searched word, a regular translation will be displayed.

The same regular translation will be displayed if a provider doesn't support a dictionary.

The Dictionary covers almost all English language combinations and some mixed language pairs.
The Dictionary continues to expand with new language combinations.

If you want to see translations in other languages, change the target language in the drop-down menu.