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Pop-up Bubble Button

The Pop-up Bubble Translator can be run in different ways:

  • click the floating button imtranslator-small
  • use the context menu
  • use shortcut Ctrl+Alt (default)
  • use the mouse selection (disable the shortcut in Options)

The Translator's button is enabled by default. When you highlight the text to translate, the Pop-up Bubble button imtranslator-small instantly appears next to the selected text.

Pop-up Bubble Floating Button


Click the button to get the translation in a pop-up window.


By default the Translator's button appears for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds the button fades out. You can extend the button visibility using Options.



If you don't want to see the floating button, you can disable the Translator's button in Options by clearing "Show Translator's button".



The Translator's button is very useful on touchscreen devices. Keep the Pop-up button enabled when using touchscreen.


Disable Translator's Button Temporarily

If you the Pop-up button interferes with your work , you can temporarily disable the button from the Pop-up Bubble translation application.


To run the Pop-up Bubble application, Then, use the context menu or the shortcut Alt.