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ImTranslator E-Mail

Send email directly from the translator's window. You have the choice to send the translation only or add the original text as a reference.
Use the eMail All icon to open ImTranslator Send Mail form.  The text from the selected window will be automatically transferred to the email text box. You can edit this text or create a new message in any of the supported languages.

ImTranslator email

Enter your name, email address and the recipient's email address and click on the Send icon.

You can use the virtual keyboard to compose the message in the languages not supported by your computer, or use the editing functions: Copy,  Paste,  Cut or Delete.

If you want to receive a copy of your email, check the box "Send me a copy".
Note:  Don't expect a copy of the sent email to appear in your email program.  Send Mail is an application that only allows you to send email through a web form by ImTranslator email Server.