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Quick Words Translation

To get a quick translations of words, there are a few ways to do so.

Word Translation with Shortcut

Hold the Ctrl+Alt keys while highlighting a word. The Pop-up window opens with the word translations.


Word Translation without Shortcut

Highlight a word with the mouse. You will instantly see the word translations for a chosen language in the Pop-up window without pressing or holding any key.



To enable this mode, remove the Shortcuts from the Pop-up Bubble Options by clicking on X sign, and then Save Options.


To access Options right-click on the icon_16x16 Google Translate button on the Opera toolbar and select Options.

Note: This translation mode is not recommended because it may interfere with other tasks where you make text selection with the mouse.


Word Translation on Double-click

You can also get a quick word translation by using the "Translate on double-click" feature.
Simply double-click on the word you want to see the translation, and the Pop-up window with available translations opens instantly.

To enable this feature go to the Pop-up Bubble Options and check mark the option "Translate on double-click".



Don't forget to Save options to record your changes.