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Translate Facebook with Pop-up Bubble

Pop-up Bubble Translator can be conveniently used to translate Facebook posts, comments, timeline or any other Facebook page segments.



Pop-up Bubble application is an integral part of ImTranslator extensions.

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Here're few hints and tips to help you translate Facebook posts and comments.

Highlight a post or a comment on a Facebook page and run the Pop-up Bubble Translator using:

  • Pop-up Bubble button
  • Context menu Pop-up Bubble translation
  • Shortcut key (customizable): Alt (Chrome, Firefox), Ctrl+Alt (Opera, Yandex)
  • Mouse selection without the shortcut (set this setting in Options)

1. Click the floating button next to the selected text.

An instant translation appears in the Pop-up Bubble.  By default the Pop-up Bubble detects the language of the text on the fly.  All you have to do is to choose the language for translation.

2. You can also get the translation by using the correspoding shortcut "Alt" (Firefox, Chrome), "Ctrl+Alt" (Opera, Yandex) while selecting the text with the mouse.


3. To make it even quicker,  you can get the post translated while selecting the text, without clicking any button.

To do this, go to the Pop-up Bubble Options and remove the shortcut key from the "Translate with shortcut" field ("None" will be displayed).
Now, you only highlight the text and the translation pops up next to the selected text.



4.  In ImTraslator extenions the Pop-up Bubble Translator uses three translation providers: Google Translate (G), Microsoft Bing (M) and Translator (T).  You may want to explorer  translations by other providers, then click the corresponding provider's abbreviation.



But Google Translate extension doesn't support multiple translation providers and uses Google Translate service only.



5. If the text of the translation is too small for you to read, just enlarge the font size by clicking on the  font-on icon.



6. You may copy copy the translation if you want to share it, or save it in the history Translation History for further reference.



7.  You can even listen to the translation by using the tts-voice icon. The Speaker button will redirect you to the TTS service where you will be able to replay the voice as many times as you wish using the player options.  This is very convenient for the language learners.



8. Sometimes the meaning of a text depends on the exact meaning of a word.  If some of words appear not completely clear, you can use the Dictionary to see words translations.  ImTranslator uses Google Dictionary to display word translations, so make sure you choose Google provider (G) when addressing to the dictionary.  Simply highlight a single word, and run the Pop-up Bubble your preferred way.


Dictionary can also be run via double-click on a word. Make sure to enable this feature in the Pop-up Bubble Options.