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This addon is very useful and user friendly.


This addon is very useful and user friendly. I'm a Filipino and a kpop fan and I primarily use this to translate words from Korean to English. i always visit websites from Korea to be update of what's happening with my favorite kpop bands. Most of the website are not written in English so I am having problems reading them. I really don't know how to read Korean letters nor understand them. With the use of this add-on, I can now understand what those letters mean. heheh I have a cousin that loves kpop as well and she isn't a computer literate and having difficulties using 3rd party apps to translate words from Korean language. I taught her how to use ImTranslator since it's much easier to use. 🙂 One thing that I do not like about it is that when the words/sentences was translated, the grammar does not seem to be right but that's okay at least the addon was able to translate it and I have an idea of what of those funky Korean letters mean.. 🙂
Another useful feature of this add-on is you can right click on the mouse and select ImTranslator Tools and even use the dictionary for unfamiliar English words 🙂