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Transliterated Keyboard Layouts

If you need to type in Russian or Ukrainian languages on your computer with Microsoft Windows, you need to know where Russian or Ukrainian keys are located on your keyboard. Microsoft Windows comes with pre-installed Russian and Ukrainian layouts, but these layouts comes from standard Russian and Ukrainian Typewriter’s keyboard and have nothing to do with English. Therefore the location of Russian and Ukrainian keys are totally different from US English...

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Virtual Keyboard Technology

Virtual Keyboard Technology. An ongoing trend in web technologies has been the addition of interactive functions that allow visitors to interact with the content on the page, (i.e. community portals, search engines, etc.). These sites often attract multilingual communities.  As national boundaries in communication fade, however, the language barriers remain.   Some user research has shown that many people are more comfortable formulating search queries or communicating in their own language but have difficulty typing these queries or messages. Imagine, for example, how inconvenienced the user becomes when typing in English on a French keyboard or entering a Russian or an Arabic search query on an English keyboard.  Features such as search, email, forms/surveys, forums, and customer service become unreachable for the users. Typing searches on keyboards not designed for your languages can be frustrating, even impossible. To overcome the...

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Virtual Keyboard Widget

The Virtual Keyboard widget adds the multilingual text input capability for a website. Integration of the Virtual Keyboard into Internet services will significantly increase the site’s potential in reaching multilingual web...

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Video: Virtual Keyboard

The virtual keyboard allows online users enter text in their native language script, no matter where they are or what computer they’re using. The virtual keyboard supports 41 language...

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