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ImTranslator v. 8.17 add-on for Firefox

ImTranslator v. 8.17 add-on for Firefox. What’s new in this version: Optimized language detection algorithm Increased the speed of translation. Improved the language detection module to determine Chinese Simplified and Chinese traditional     More information...

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ImTranslator v. 8.6 add-on for Firefox

ImTranslator v. 8.6 add-on for Firefox.  What’s new: added the advanced language auto-detection algorithm.   Added the advanced language auto-detection algorithm to the translation modules. Improved the translation speed performance of ImTranslator: Google Translate module. Improved Pop-up Bubble translation engine. Refine the stability of Pop-up Bubble enable/disable...

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ImTranslator v. 8.2 add-on for Firefox

ImTranslator add-on for Firefox v. 8.2 features improved behavior of the Pop-up Bubble Translator as well as language detection...

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