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We remove language barriers

PROMT-Online: newly redesigned service

Introducing PROMT-Online, the redesigned and renewed service.

  • The current version of PROMT-Online supports 55 languages or 2970 language combinations.
  • The translation is powered by three translation providers: Google, Microsoft and PROMT-Online.
  • The automatic language detection identifies the source language on-the-fly.
  • The text-to-speech tool converts text into voice for 10 languages.
  • The redesigned virtual keyboard allows you to input text in the languages not supported by your computer.
  • The service is touchscreen freindly.




With PROMT-Online you can do the following:

  • input text in many languages using the virtual keyboard or special characters list
  • translate words, phrases and texts between 55 languages
  • check spelling in 8 languages
  • detect the language of the source text
  • see the back translation
  • use the Russian decoder to convert an unreadable Russian text
  • listen to the original text and its translation in 10 languages
  • print translation
  • send email right from the translation window.

PROMT-Online remains one of the most visited online translation services among many others developed afterward.


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