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ImTranslator v. 10.11 extension for Firefox

What's new in this version:

  • Redesigned the Pop-up Bubble application.
  • Implemented new technique of positioning the translation button and Pop-up .
  • Added "Show original" function to the context menu.
  • Added new module to manage data in the Translation History.
  • Updated Italian localization. 



In this version the Pop-up Bubble application acquired a new look and new functionality:

  • maximum visibility on a webpage
  • corrected position on a page to keep the highlighted text fully visible
  • smart algorithm to make the Pop-up bubble appear above or below the selected text
  • automatic pop-up bubble resizing based on the text size (Dictionary mode)
  • auto disable features (font size, switch languages) in different Pop-up Bubble modes (Text mode and Dictionary mode)
  • revised the position of the Pop-up Bubble floating button imtranslator-small : now the Pop-up Bubble button appears at the end of the text selection at the position of the cursor  


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