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Video: ImTranslator add-on for Firefox

ImTranslator add-on for Firefox performs instant translations for over 70 languages using Google Translate, Microsoft, and other translation engines. ImTranslator reaches more than 21 million downloads.

The add-on translates texts, words, phrases, webpages, and reads the translation in many languages.
Download ImTranslator from Mozilla add-ons site.

  • Search for ImTranslator.
  • Click “Add to Firefox” to add the extension.
  • Then click “Install Now”.
  • Restart Firefox to complete the installation.

After installation the ImTranslator button appears on the Firefox Add-on bar.

Use this button to quickly access all translation applications, as well as ImTranslator Options and Help.

You can also run the translation applications from the Firefox Tools menu

And for the right-click Context menu.

ImTranslator includes 4 translation applications: Google Translate, Pop-up Bubble Translator, ImTranslator and Webpage Translation.

Use these tools to translate emails, Facebook or Google Plus posts, words and phrases, selected text on a webpage, or an entire website.

ImTranslator offers a unique feature: translation by various translation providers: Google, Microsoft, Babylon and other translation engine.  This is a great way to compare translation and choose the best translation for you.

ImTranslator is fully customizable. You can configure any translation application by using Options.  (from menu)

Options let you to change settings from language direction to the translator’s behavior.

  • Change languages
  • Enable back translation
  • Choose the hotkeys
  • Modify translator’s appearance, change the context menu and much more.

To learn more about ImTranslator, subscribe to the ImTranslator channel to watch other video tutorials.