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Google Translate v.8.36 extension for Opera

Google Translate
Extension for Opera 

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What's new in this version:

  • Improved the Pop-up Bubble implementation and compatibility for the websites with specific CSS architecture.
  • Added Translator and Dictionary tabs to Google Translate application.
  • Improved the stability of the Pop-up bubble translation appearance.
  • Optimized the error handling module.

Translator Mode

This great improvement allows you to switch between Translator and Dictionary modes keeping the advantages of each translation tool. Now you can translate texts in the Translator mode (tab) and easily switch to the Dictionary by clicking on the Dictionary tab if you want to see Dictionary's translations.

If you enter a single word to the Translator, you will be instantly redirected to the Dictionary (the auto dictionary feature is enabled by default).




Dictionary Mode

While switching from Translator to Dictionary, the text from the Translator will be transferred to the Dictionary and shortened to 75 characters.  Shorten the text to see a word translation or re-enter a word.  The Dictionary will display translation alternatives along with a part of speech and a set of reverse translations for each translation entry.



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