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Toolbar Button Customization

ImTranslator extension places the translation button imtranslator-small on the browser's toolbar after ImTranslator installation.



By default the imtranslator-small Toolbar button is linked with ImTranslator application. So, when you click on the translation button, ImTranslator application opens.

You can change the application to be run from the Toolbar button. All you have to do is to link this application with ImTranslator button in Advanced Options.



1) If you set ImTranslator or Translator applications on the Toolbar button, clicking the Toolbar button will open an empty translation window where you can enter text to translate.


2) If you link the Pop-up Bubble or Inline Translator applications to the the Toolbar button, clicking the button will produce the alert: "Please select text".

This means that before running these applications from the Toolbar button, you have to select the text to translate.


3) If you link Webpage Translation to the Toolbar button, clicking on the button translates a webpage.