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Dictionary Widget

Dictionary widget provides the translation of single words, common phrases and idiomatic expressions for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish languages and their combinations. The dictionary performs a quick search while changing language pairs on-the-fly. Each bilingual dictionary contains from 50,000 to 72,000 entries, and covers commonly used terminology.

The Dictionary Widget includes 35 English-Russian specialized dictionaries for the following subject domains: Common Words, Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer, Computer Abbreviations, Economics, Environment, Fishing, Food Industry, Geophysics, Legal, Marketing, Mathematics, Mechanical, Medical, Metallurgy, Military, Modern Computing, Music & Audio Engineering, Networking, Oil and Gas, Oilfield, Perfumery, Physics, Polytechnic, Radio Engineering, Religious, Solar Energy, Space Medicine, Technical, Telecommunications.

Dictionary Widget

  • translates words, phrases and idiomatic expressions
  • searches for words in all their forms
  • gets word translations including synonyms
  • offers spelling suggestions for all word forms
  • shows an alphabetical list of available words if no translation is found
  • changes the language pair using the "Switch direction" button
  • uses word autocomplete function for fast text input
  • finds examples of word and phrase usage
  • uses special characters or virtual keyboard for text input in foreign languages


Language Pairs

  • English - French
  • French - English
  • English - German
  • German - English
  • English - Italian
  • Italian - English
  • English - Portuguese
  • Portuguese - English
  • English - Russian
  • Russian - English
  • English - Serbian
  • Serbian - English
  • English - Spanish
  • Spanish - English
  • French - German
  • German - French
  • French - Italian
  • Italian - French