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Run ImTranslator for Firefox

How to run ImTranslator
  • click ImTranslator button imtranslator-small on the Firefox toolbar (set a preferred default translation application in Options)
  • open ImTranslator button menu to choose a preferred translation application



  • open the context menu to choose ImTranslator applications



  • use the shortcut keys to run ImTranslator (Alt+Z) or Translator (Ctrl+Alt+T) applications


How to translate a selected text

Select a text on a webpage and:

  • choose a preferred translator from the Firefox context menu



  • choose a translation application from ImTranslator button menu on the Firefox toolbar



  • choose a translation application from the Firefox Tools menu, then imtranslator-small ImTranslator



  • click on the floating button imtranslator-small to run the Pop-up Bubble Translator

Pop-up Bubble Floating Button

  • use the corresponding shortcuts keys

imtranslator-small  ImTranslator: Translate with shortcut : Ctrl+Alt+Z

imtranslator-bubble  Pop-up Bubble Translator: Translate with shortcut: Alt

imtranslator-inliner  Inline Translator: Translate with shortcut: Alt+C

ImT  Translator: Translate with shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+T

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