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Inline Translator: Up and Running

Inline Translator is the new translation application which translates a selected text on a page by spitting it into sentences and inserts the translation into a webpage after, before the original sentence or simply replaces the selection.  This is a very helpful tool to understand the context quickly, or learn languages by comparing the translation to the original text.
The translation is powered by the Google Translate service.

Download ImTranslator for Chrome

ImTranslator for Chrome

How to translate

  • select a text on a webpage
  • open the right-click context menu
  • choose Inline Translation from ImTranslator: Google Translate menu
  • or use the hotkey Alt+C (default)




The translation appears on the page after each selected original sentence.

 Inline-Translator 2


Inline Translator Options customize the translator's settings:

  • Inline-Translation-Options


  • change original and target languages
  • choose to use the automatic language detection feature
  • enable Dictionary for words translation
  • change hotkeys for inline translation or clear translation on the page
  • choose the color to display the translation
  • display the translation with or without brackets
  • insert the translation after or before original sentence
  • choose to hide the original text when show the translation
  • place the translation as the new paragraph using the option "Line break"
  • align the text selection with the word boundaries using the option "Align by word"
  • use Google Dictionary for single word translation

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