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How to Change Translation Provider

By default the comparison tool displays 3 translation providers lined up in alphabetical order (Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Translator). The forth translator, Yandex, is hidden due to the lack of space. If you want to change the provider, or change the order of the translators, use the “Replace with” icon, then click on the provider. . The selected translation provider will be interchanged with the new provider.   If some of the providers don’t support a chosen language, the number of translation windows may change to two, or the provider may be interchanged to a supported...

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Compare Online Translators Service

Compare Online Translators Service translates and compares the translation results between various translation providers: Google, Microsoft, Babylon, PROMT. The online translation providers support different number of languages: 6 in PROMT-Online, 35 in Microsoft Translator, 38 in Google Translate and 28 in Babylon Translator. Thus, depending on the selected language direction, the translation comparison tool may show various comparison...

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ImTranslator v. 8.18 add-on for Firefox

ImTranslator v. 8.18 add-on for Firefox. What’s new in this version: Improved the positioning of Pop-up Bubble transation window Increased the translation speed in Pop-up Bubble translator     More information...

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Presentation: Compare Translations

Slide show presentation: Translation Comparison tool translates and compares the translation results between various online translation providers: Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Babylon Translator and...

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